13 Ways to Boost Your Social Impact

FACT: Social media can be overwhelming. Every digital platform has a unique strategy, different target audience and opposite way of displaying content. There really is no one rule for all. Take the stress out of delivering EPIC social content with these small, effective tips. Let’s get started…

#1 Know Your Audience

This is one of the most important parts of any social media strategy. The more you understand your followers the better you can tailor your social media posts. It’s really that simple.

#2 Be Active

Yep, much like maintaining a good body, you need to stay active on your accounts to see the real benefit. Set aside 10-minutes a day per platform to see what’s going on in the social space.

#3 Post Regularly

Posting regularly is a great way to get noticed, as well as receiving consistent traffic…but watch out! This doesn’t mean spamming your social media will make you a legend in a day—ooooh no. Always abide by the rule ‘quality instead of quantity’.

#4 Make It Count

Delivering quality content is SO important when it comes to social media—make sure your posts are engaging, well written and highlight topics you really want to be known for.

#5 Reply To Your Tribe

Did someone recently comment on your Instagram photo? Keep the momentum rolling by replying to all comments. This will help you build better relationships with your followers.

#6 Create A Social Bank

Struggling to find the time to create meaningful posts people actually want to see? Set aside an hour-per-week to brainstorm ideas you want to be followed for. You can get all of these posts completely ready (leaving them in a draft status) until you decide to push them live.

#7 Set A Schedule

If you already understand your audience, scheduling posts is a great way to save time. Make sure you have a good balance of information ready so your audience receives well-rounded posts.

#8 Create A Running Theme

You know what your business stands for, so make sure this shines out loud and clear. Creating a running theme—whether it’s a certain colour, regular quotes, or certain objects—will help to uniform your platforms and show off your desired brand image.

#9 Follow Like-Minded People

Find YOUR tribe and love them hard. The best way to see what’s going on in the social world is by embracing it. Following people that are interested in the same stuff as you will help boost your exposure and credibility.

#10 Hash & Tag

Using hashtags and tagging features can help you get noticed. If you are showcasing a particular brand or product in your post, be sure to tag it—this will expose you to their traffic!

#11 Promote Brands

Partnering up with like-minded brands is a fantastic way to boost your social media impact. Be sure to tag collaborations in all of your photos and posts—this will benefit your own social media traffic, as well as theirs.

#12 Link To Your Site

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself through your social media platforms. If you are posting about a specific service you provide, link people to your website. For Instagram, you can use the Bio section.

#13 Monitor Your Traffic

Keeping a wise eye on the traffic you receive from every post is a great way to know what works—and what doesn’t. Monitor the posts that perform well, and create more of them.

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Eleanor Knight